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Need 7" sunlight readable, Apollo or other...

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  • Need 7" sunlight readable, Apollo or other...

    my 1. message! Great this community!!
    I built a system (Via 10000M) with a kind of 7" Xenarc Tochscreen. I got it in germany from , and it seems to be similar to Xenarc, except a little more light, 280 nits instead of 220 i think.
    BUT.... that system, i love it, is not usefull with sun in the back. Have a P911 Targa with full glas sky. Sorry 4 my "german english".
    So i need a really bright 7", not bigger, with touchscreen.
    I saw Apollos 6.4 screen, 700 nits. O.K., they do not sell to end user.
    But who sells them, in a case or not in a case, could i buy them in Europe? What about TFTs of Alpine, Panasonic and other out of navigation Systems. Is there a really good one? Best would be with VGA Input. Or a seperat controller for the VGA. The touchscreen i could build in later, what i have seen. Could be i leave it, having a trackball.
    Best regards, Oliver

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    You may want to keep an eye on the threads about the Lilliput screens. Mine has been shipped so I (and many others) will have one shortly. It's 7" widescreen like the *enarc, but apparently 400 nits. You're always going to get more glare with a touchscreen panel though, just hopefully not too much

    I'll post details in the lilliput thread when it arrives.


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      Brightness Upgrade from Xenarc Reseller

      Has anyone ordered the brightness upgrade option from Xenarc? The reseller at the following site says that his shop is right down the street from Xenarc and he can take the 700-TSV model down there and have it upgraded to 380 nits brightness for $200.