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  • Lilliput Power On Switch

    Is there an easy way to get the Lilliput to power on when the 12v is applied. My goal is to have a computer where all parts turn on when I start the car.

    On another note, has anyone started mounting the lilliput into their dash. I have mine in pieces, and am trying to find the right size material to mount it to a plexiglass frame. Anyone else got pics or advice?

    ME-6000, Lilliput 7" vga + touch, generic GPS, RedHat 9, custom mapping software.

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    I was able to get mine to turn on automaticly with the ignition by hold the power button in/ shorting it. Problem is you need to use the remote to assess the menu. Once done, all the other buttons on the ecreen seem to behave like power buttons (no loss for me)