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Feedback Post: Owners Of Lilliput VGA Touch Screens Plz Read

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  • Feedback Post: Owners Of Lilliput VGA Touch Screens Plz Read

    The other post is useless just posting whether or not you have a problem with the screen.

    Can all users who have received their screen post the following information whether you have a problem or not:

    System: LCD connected to laptop or pc?
    VGA: What graphics adapter the screen is connected to?
    Operating System: WinXp / 2k / 98 etc
    Problems: Yes or No? If yes please write a brief description of the problem(s) your having
    Comments: Also post any other information you think may be useful

    The above information will be useful. I am in contact with the supplier of the units in HK so this information will be useful to pass on too them.


    System: LCD connected to mini-itx pc
    VGA: On-board Epia-M1000 VGA out: Castlreock
    Operating System: Windows 98
    Problems: No
    Comments: Bright display etc

    Please donít post off topic posts or questions on here.


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    we're all thinking of buying one and want to know what feedback people are giving the screens.


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      System: LCD connected to in-dash PC (not yet installed)
      VGA: On-board Epia-M10000 VGA out 800 x 600
      Operating System: Windows XP
      Problems: None so far, VGA looks good. TOUCHSCREEN WORKS Comments: The EPIA-M VGA out doesn't work very well with LCD. During board reset and sometimes during boot up I get an out of range message and I have to turn the LCD OFF and ON to get the display to work. Also happens when changing screen resolution. When hooked up to my desktop, the LCD works great under 640 x 480, 800 x 600 and 1024 x 768. And when changing screen resolution on the desktop, the LCD keeps working, no need for an ON/OFF reset. Leaves me to believe the on-board VGA on the M10000 is quirky. Just need to cycle the power to get it back again.

      I've since sent the Epia-M 10000 back since it was an older EZRA, expecting my Nehemiah to show up on Friday. I'll check it again with the new mobo and update.

      BTW, the desktop VGA card is just a cheapo HP Pavilion on-board VGA that I have at work. I'll also test at home on my GeForce Ti 4200 to see if it makes a difference. I'll also check the touchscreen soon.

      I've tested 3 LCDs, 2 came from DigitalWW (for a work project) and one from Extreme Audio (Ray).

      Overall, I'm loving the high resolution. Brightness seems fine, haven't put it in the car during the day, but I'm happy with what I'm seeing so far. The touchscreen does have a bit of glare to it, but its to be expected.

      UPDATE: Checked touchscreen and it works fine. No Problems.


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        HI all

        System:Screen connected to Book PC ( Patriot ) In car now ,tried it on my home PC
        VGA: On board graphics chip ?? ( Worked on my GF3)
        Operating System: 98SE & XP Pro
        Problems:No problems at all, pictures crisp, touchscreen works a treat , love it.
        Comments: Im happy with it.

        Regards Andy


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          Connected to PC running XP
          Started fine... Screen works good no problems.. Briefly went all blue and lost red component.
          Touchscreen was good for a while then calibration went way out. EEPROM error.
          Of all the things I've ever lost my sanity was the hardest to deal with


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            System: LCD connected to desktop?
            VGA: ATI A-I-W 7500
            Operating System: WinXp
            Problems: Took me a min to get the touchscreen to work but other then that no problems!
            Comments: Screen was well worth the money and the wait
            Will work on integrating with car console this week and next weekend.


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              System: LCD connected to Shuttle SB61G2; 2.4Mhz P4;1GB
              VGA: GeFroce Ti-4200
              Operating System: WinXp
              Problems: No, except rebooting PC requires me to power off/on, otherwise I have grey screen with darker gray 1/2 inch band at the bottom.

              I was just testing the screen to make sure nothing major on an extra pc, I'm still buying parts for CarPC.

              Confirm, corners of screen are tough for the Touch Screen.

              Got it off Ebay from Hong Kong, fast shipping, paid $35 for Touch Screen Upgrade. I ordered the headrest, but they forgot to ship it. They're shipping it seperately

              Epia M-10000
              XP Pro; 512MB; 60GB (2.5")
              Panasonic Slot SlimDVD/CD-RW
              7" Lilliput (Touchscreen)
              Casetronic C137 w/ 90W PSU (Temp)
              19V Laptop Adapter (Temp)


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                I posted of yesterday my touchscreen does not work anymore. It worked for about an hr and then that was it. I have tried everything (reinstalled drivers, installed diff drivers from digitalww, multiple computers AND operating systems). The software installed and my cursor is chilling in the center of the screen @ coordinates (0,0). I am going to call extreme audio today!


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                  I cant get anything but VGA mode in XP.
                  Touchscreen works, but I cant hit the start button because it is too close to the edge.

                  I geta Jurassic Park Logo when I boot up (CRAZYness!)
                  2011 Nissan Frontier SL
                  AMD X3 2.2 | M4-ATX | 16Gb SSD | 2GB DDR3-1333 | MSI GF615M-P33 MB
                  OBDPROS USB | BU-303 GPS l LILLIPUT TS | Car2PC adapter | XM Direct | USB Dual band N with custom mag-mount antenna.


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                    Just spoke with Ray. He said that he is going to send me an email with some tech support info that he wanted me to try before replacing it. We will see if if he makes good on his word.


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                      Ok after trying what Ray wanted me to I am sending the unit back to Hong Kong. This is turning into too much of a hassle. We will see how long it takes to get here. I know there are some other people here doing this. How long did it take to get your new screen?


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                        More information on the LCD displays

                        After going through the information listed on the LCD displays, no one has really given any input on how the displays preforms in the car during the daytime hours.

                        Is the screen bright enough to function in a car during the day.


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                          My display worked for a lil bit and I checked it out. I would say that the nits are high enough for you to use in the daytime.


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                            No problems here!

                            System: Emachines Laptop
                            VGA: Ati Mobility Radeon
                            Operating System: Windows XP
                            Problems: NONE
                            Comments: I have been spared the "Jurassic park logo, pretty woman" and I can view almost every resolution on it (seems to have problem with higher hz though...60hz is fine).

                            VERY HAPPY with purchase.


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                              I have been spared the "Jurassic park logo, pretty woman" and I can view almost every resolution on it (seems to have problem with higher hz though...60hz is fine).

                              VERY HAPPY with purchase.[/QUOTE]

                              Me too, all is well....