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Hi all long time no see.....

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  • Hi all long time no see.....

    hi guys havent been about for months been busy with trying to live......working lots and ive just started a degree so my carputer has suffered........

    But im on the mid point now really just got to get a controller card and then do the install......just i say!!

    Its been so long but what are the sites to get specs for lcds again?

    I tried lcd specifications but couldnt get any results for these.....

    KCS6448JSTT-X4: Kyocera DSTN LCDs

    LMG7550XUFC: Hitachi 10.4" LCD

    LM12S471: Sharp 12.1" LCD

    Has anyone seen Skraggy_uk as well

    lates all!!

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    Wow whats happened to the price of those dscustoms screens they were 400+ when i was here last!!!

    does he still do a discount for mp3car members..


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      Skraggy is still kicking about

      Erm, hows aboutEarthLCD, that one you're looking for?

      Other than that, hi!

      Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E


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        hi confused nice to see another Uk builder.......did a meet ever get sorted?

        And those dscustom screens how come there so cheap now?

        Ill check out earth lcd cheers!!


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          I think people were thinking about it, we kind of agreed on Trafford Centre, but nothing more since lol!

          I don't know why those DSCustoms screens are so cheap now...maybe cos they're going to be the Lilliput screens, not the GAIN screens?

          Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E


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            last i remember lilliput werent very good.....and gain were has this changed now?

            im having problem finding specs for those screens on earth ill keep chipping away at google...

            Oh do u know a good supplier of controller boards?