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Vga to Svideo cable?

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  • Vga to Svideo cable?

    I dont want to appear thick here I just would be interested in clearing something up. I own one of the TM-702L in-dash 7" TFT lcd screens which i've had for about 2 months now. Connected to it is my pc via a composite cable. Windows desktop looks horrible and blurry as I understand it would running through the composite cable, making auto route nigh on impossible to use. I do use media engine which looks fine over on the screen. I was on ebay today looking at possibly investing in a Lilliput lcd with a vga input. When I looked at the attached pictures I noticed that the vga adapter cable that comes with the screen ends in a female svideo connector, which naturally connects to the svideo cable coming off the screen. Now my TFT screen also has an svideo connector coming off the screen. What i'm wanting to know is. If i was to make or buy a cable like this would I be able to display Vga on my screen direct from the pc? It just looks so simple I'm guessing it cant be but I was wondering if this is possible seen as the connections are identical. Any thoughts would be useful on this one.



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    Where did you see this female s-video connnector? The plug on the other end of the VGA cable is not shown clearly enough to tell what kind of connector it is. There could be 15 pins on that connector for all I could tell.



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      That's a propriatary DIN cable that lilliput uses. It's not a S-video plug.
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        Ok thanks that's cleared that one up