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    They have the lilliput screen available...I emailed him and he said he has them in stock and he has not heard of any issues. They come direct from the manufacturer so it would probably be in the same boat as the ebay guy...has anyone ordered from him?

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    Just to let you now, GPSthings is a name under which CoolDaddyAndy does business. He is also on this forum and should sure as hell heard of these problems that have been happening. I think this is correct, im checking right now, I did the search and found an ad for indash carputers. check this out.
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      I am speaking only of my own experience with the screens, I hate going off of other peoples opinions. Who knows how they installed them or what. It is allways important to install a voltage regulator before your car-pc and lcd. I believe most of the problems people are having with these are due to there installs. as far as problems with ones I have used, I have had no problems.
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