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"How to" - Mounting a 15" LCD

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  • "How to" - Mounting a 15" LCD

    I have a plan to put my 15" desktop LCD panel- (i bought a touchscreen kit for it too) as the carputer display- its a bit big, but it may work out nicely. Anyway, here's my solution, any input is greatly appreciated:

    The basic idea is to mount the display on a discrete rail infront of the passenger side, without causing permanent alterations to the vehicle, such as screw holes, etc. The purpose of the rail is so that the display can be pulled over by the driver towards the center console.


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    OK, lets talk descrete now.

    -This is a side profile of the panel, depicted relative to a cd enclosure, u can also spot the CCFL cables.

    -This is the panel, with the slim ball-bearing rail I got from Home Depot for $5- 16" in length.

    -This is the rail extended to max- it conveniently locks into position once fully expanded.

    -This is the rail shown relative to the cd enclosure. So, in all, the lcd and rail will protrude no more than 2-2.5cm from the dash.

    -This is the cloth(looks better than depicted) i will use to mask the rail so as to better blend with the dash. I wrapped it around the rail for demonstration- when i install it, i will make it nice and taught.

    -This is what will keep me from permanently defacing my dash- the 3M double-sided sponge tape- will hold up to 5lb.- the panel ans rail are less than 3- of course, i need the extra for exerting pressures, such as when going over bumps, etc- i just hope it holds.

    As far as teh trailing wires, i plan to stick em within the rail- no matter what though, there will be some wire shwoing in the edn as it must sneak away from the rail somewhere- i might just drop it down one of the air ducts ( - lets hope condensation doesn't brigdge any exposed wire)

    If anybody has any other input on this, myself and any other's interested in monunting larger displays would greatly appreciate the feedback.


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      mmm I wouldnt use tape holmes

      it has allways been my luck that it gets hot and unsticks itself causing great damage to my stuff
      if your worried about not defacing your dash wouldnt it be easier to mount an arm to the floor (carpet covers many mistakes).. or better still two arms and have them pivot up and down so everyone can see...
      Originally posted by menudude
      thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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        can't see any of the pictures - access to the direcory in which they reside is forbidden: -

        403 - You are not authorized to view this page


        Car changed for TVR Griffith 500, so computer de-installed. Using a Dension 100ix w/60Gb HD unit in the interim.

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          Originally posted by GingerPrince
          can't see any of the pictures - access to the direcory in which they reside is forbidden: -

          403 - You are not authorized to view this page
          Copy the link to a new window, they don't allow hot linking


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            Maybe not!

            Originally posted by Enforcer
            Hmmmm, not convinced, Idea seems OK, but I fear in practice it will not be very secure, and the functionality of it may be a problem. Also I fear it may look tacky
            I think it will look ok, i really can't come up witha better and less tacky looking solution, given that the large monitor is a constant. if u have any idea, please let me know- i am however on the same side regarding seccurity, but about to try it out this weekedn, if i get the parts i ordered last week! Jeff Mucha hasn't replied to my emails- i ordered one of the controllers he sells before the notice thjey were sold out went up.


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              Maybe it's just me...

              Originally posted by Enforcer
              Well I look forward to the completed install pictures.

              But why do you need such a big monitor?
              Not really a need- it's cheaper than some of the smaller ones in terms of what you get. Also, if i'll be using it with the regular OS- XP or XP media center, it would be difficult to navigate using a smaller screen using the touchscreen interface i am about to add to the monitor. I am used to a 21" at home, 15" doesn't seem overly excessive, though certainly depends on the aplication. Well, i guess it comes down to preference, plus i already had the spare monitor for the job- i hope it turns out as i plan, or at least close to it- and again, security witht the 5lb 3m tape is shaky at the moment- i may need to mechanically fasten the setup- not to mention that i stilll have to cut the ribbon vga cable and extend it- that will take some 2 hours. hope to have some preliminary hookup with pics by the week's end. keep everyone posted


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                GOT PSU & TS!!

                FINALLY! After the longest week, I've got my touchscreen and 250W DC ATX PSU from Keypower! All I need now is to get Jeff Mucha's shutdown controller- shouldn't take long- ordered it last week. I took some pics of the stuff- some of the file names are descriptive, so go on and take a look- i made a GALLERY of all the pics relating to this project- you can view it here:


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                  Got Evrything!

                  I just received the shutdown controller- check it out, smaller than i thought: