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Lilliput screen + MKM1150 ?

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  • Lilliput screen + MKM1150 ?

    Hi all!

    This is my first post, and sorry if I make some mistakes, but I'm from Spain .

    I've been reading and searching for a few days now, and I've already decided to build my own CarPC (or CarPuter, however you wanna name it). I've got 2 DIN slots on my dash, and I wanted to use a "Popout screen" system with a Lilliput 7" VGA screen with Touchscreen for security reasons . I know about those DWW-7VGA, and one of this would be perfect, but 2 problems, they are OUT OF STOCK and I'm from Europe . Because of that I've been searching , and I've found this MKM1150 and I was wondering if it could be possible to fit the Lilliput there . They sell the PopOut system separetly, I don't mind if it's motorized or not, but that would be a nice solution .

    Anyone could help me please? Or got any idea to build what I mean in any other way?

    Thanks and again sorry if there are some mistakes .

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    That casing looks very similar to the TM-702L flip out screen I have.

    I thought about taking out the TM-702L screen and replacing it with the Lilliput VGA screen.

    However despite both screens being 7in, the lilliput casing is wider. This means in order for it to fit inside the 1din unit that the screen retracts into, I'd need to take the lilliput screen out of its casing and make my own casing for it. To much hassle hence my interest in the Celica GTS Console being talked about on another thread

    So, I suspect the same would be true of that 1150 casing.
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      NJay so I'm not that crazy! .

      It is possible to find the TM-702L case sold separetly? I read it used to, but they got out of stock. Another question, how does a "Flip out screen not motorized" work? I mean, you just pull out the screen, or does it work like those SD (Secure Digital) Card slots on PDA's?, where you first push the screen inside and then it comes out...



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        You push it back in very slightly which releases it. You then manually pull the screen out and once its out far enough you tilt it back so that the screen is visible. To hide it you tilt the screen so its horizontal again and push it into the 1din housing till it clicks into place.

        Don't think the 1din casing is available anymore. DigitalWW used to have them if I recall.

        As I said though, its not going to fit or are you going to make a new casing for the panel in the lilliput screen?
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          Since I've been doing some tests now with the computer I have in the living room next to the TV, I think I will get the non VGA in-dash screen.
          Tell me if I'm wrong... That PC has a ATi 8500 with TV-OUT, and I've been using it with the S-Video cable with no problems at all, but now I remembered that inside the box there was a short S-Video-to-RCA cable converter and I've tried it. Man!!! It works great!!! And there's no need to have a VGA monitor plugged to the videocard and I can use the TV as a single monitor for my PC.
          My question is, as the TFT has a RCA video input, could I use it as the TV (like it was a normal VGA monitor)? (of course, previously making the installation and config at home with a normal VGA monitor).

          The convertor cable I mean is kind like this one, but without the female S-Video:


          I guess you all knew that, but for me it's a great discovery!!! and if not, it's a fine solution to those un-existent in-dash VGA screens


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            That's what the TM-702L screen is. Its a flip out RCA input video screen. The screen is fine for playing games and DVD, but the text is very blurred on a screen this small. Remember your TV is a lot larger so whilst slightly blurred it will still be easier to read than on a 7in RCA input screen.

            Hence, why I've upgraded to the lilliput VGA screen
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              Hi all,

              Like XaCoSo I'm very interested in mounting my lilliput screen in a in-dash din case.

              Is there any informations about succesful experiences??

              Thanks in advance,