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  • Lilliput non-VGA

    I'm looking for screens just for DVD / Video Games, has anyone used the non-VGA Lilliput?

    I hear such great comments on the VGA one, is the standard one as good? Seems they are around half the price here but I want to be sure it is worthwhile, and that it is TFT.

    thanks, Chris.

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    VGA version has panel with 1.2million Red, Green, Blue, elements in them.
    Non-Vga have panels with around 0.28-0.34million elements in them.

    Even using the composite input on the VGA screen its a far clearer picture

    To put that into context the Alpine IXA-D900 has a VGA panel in it and uses composite (RCA) input, so if you head off to your local car audio dealership and ask to run a composite input signal through this and another AV headunit you should be able to see the diff. Don't just use the built in DVD player on the Alpine as that handles the picture internally and hence doesn't convert the signal to Composite.

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      Thanks, it sounds as though a regular screen would do what I need but given the fairly minimal price difference I may as well get the VGA and be ready for the future.

      Thanks again, Chris.