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  • display: eclipse av8022 or vga TS

    ok... i am new to these forums.. so dont be too hard on me...

    ok.. here is what im planning on doing..

    i have a 2002 gmc envoy... you can see pcis of it here...

    anyways... i was thining of doing this for a carputer...

    Casetronic Travla C134 Din-Sized Case
    Epia M10000 Motherboard
    512MB Low Profile RAM
    60GB Notebook HDD
    DVD/CD-RW Combination Drive


    advantages of using the eclipse...

    1. if i decide to add on different monitors at a later date for the back seat for example, i have three zone control for the eclipse

    2. itll be cheaper because i already have it

    3. i dont have to give up the radio

    Now the disadvantages

    1. Picture quality isnt so hot...

    2. How am i supposed to interface with the computer? a mouse while im driving.. i dont think so...

    3. i wont have to cut up the dash to put in a vga touchscreen

    anyways.. can anyone here please help a newbie...

    what ui was thinking i can do is... if i do decide to get rid of the eclipse... a friend can get me a refurb. 10.4" lcd for cheap... and i can cut up the dash and put it there.. but then where would i put the computer and the radio.. ill have to relocate the a/c controls also (whichi s not a problem, because i can control it thru the steering wheel anyways)

    or would 10.4" be a little too big.. if im goign to do it, i want to do it right the first time... that way i dont have to do anything else...

    again, please help

    btw, what would be my best bet for gps navigation, i was reading that copilot would probably be my best bet, i will have internet access provided by my motorola v60i cellphone and the data kit.. so that shouldnt be a problem...