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  • Question about DS700TSUSB from

    On the website they list it as being 7.75 inchs wide. I assume that is from the edges of the silver. What I am wondering is if someone with this monitor can measure from the inner black edges. I want to mount it in a 7.25 inch wide whole, so I would need to cut out the edges.

    Secondly I can't tell from this picture if I will be able to reduce each side by .25 inches and still have the mounts work? Any advice, input welcome!

    I guess what I need to know is what is the distance between the two mounting points on the back, is it less than 7.75?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I've never taken mine apart, so I can't help you with the mounting holes but the visible area of the screen is 7 inches by 4 inches.
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