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TM701L wattage?

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  • TM701L wattage?

    hello everyone, my first post here but i've been lurking for about 4/5 months now.
    Untill last week i had a full carputer set up in my dash (mainly thanks to all the folks on here and lots of usefull info) but then i was messing and managed to burn out my inverter.
    Anyway back to the topic, seeing as i wont be using the inverter again i've decided on a dc-dc supply and regulator thats should supply me a nice clean 70w @12v, my question is how much does the Tm701-L draw when in use? because i "did" have a 300w psu in there and was running the screen off that, am i going to be able to run it of my new dc supply or should i fork out on a few more quid for a separate supply?
    i'm hoping it will run it ok cause i like the screen switching on/off with the pc

    Thanks in advance