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    The only thing holding me back from starting my carputer project is the screen. I want the screen to be able to be hidden when i'm not using it, which is why i decided to try and motorize it on a track to make it slide out from under my seat over the transmission hump and then tilt up to the proper viewing angle. After looking at the space i have to work with i figured that a lilliput would be to thick to fit in the space and too small to be able to see very well. I then started to look at 10.4" xga laptop screens because they are thin and have a bigger viewing area, but the complexities and costs of setting up a laptop screen with a controller card and touch screen control and so forth, make me a little flustered. i'd like to build a carputer because i like to design and build stuff but i guess i'm just gunna have to get a laptop or something and shove it under the seat when i'm not using it =o(

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    i have an explorer and my screen is mounted below my dash. I haven't gotten around to finishing it yet so there are no pictures but I placed a simple top over the screen so it looks like another glove compartment type thing.
    '98 Explorer Sport (down atm)
    AMD 800mhz 192megs RAM 60gig hard drive 9 inch widescreen VGA
    80% done