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  • Opinions on this LCD monitor

    I found it on ebay and it looks like a good price. Please help a n00b out.

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    Here is something you might want to consider:'s business tactics:

    ^^^Entirely the reason I didn't buy from them.

    But hey, you might get everything ok ;p

    Also notice that they sell that lcd on ebay for $179+$29.95s+h = $208.95
    and they sell the same lcd off their website for $199+$9.95s+h = $208.95
    hehe, thought that was funny

    just helping, 'Please help a n00b out.'


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      Plus that screen is more than likely STN, which is, to put it bluntly, crap. Rubbish viewing angles, washed out colours, low resolution.

      Spend a little more and get a Lilliput or Gain (Xenarc etc) VGA (gotta specify VGA), I guarantee you will be impressed.

      Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E


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        Thanks for the input. It seems I need to do more reading on LCD displays. I know nothing about them and was assuming they were all about the same (stupid me).

        Thanks again.


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          To clarify,

          that screen isn't a STN, it's a TFT, it's the TM-701L

          But, as I said above, you might not want to order from them concerning their biz tactics

          That screen is also sold by, who at the moment seems unreachable.