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2 TFT-LCD with 1 PC

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  • 2 TFT-LCD with 1 PC

    First excuse-me my poor english.

    The spanish law is recent changed and now is imposible see nothing at the front TFT-LCD (except GPS).

    I like mount a secont TFT-LCD at the Headrest.

    Is posible use my original Epia videocard for the front TFT-LCD with a second videocard for the rear TFT-LCD?

    Is posible see Divx at rear and GPS at front at the same time?

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    I do know that my FX5200 lets me playback fullscreen video through my tv-out while still working on my main display.


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      I don't like use the TV-Out option, because the quality image is not better like VGA


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        If you use some kind of splitter you can duplicate the display on both screens.

        Or if you add another video card you can run different displays on both screens.
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          there used to be a device called a Y-see-too basically just a VGA splitter. Again you'll see the same image on both screens. If you really want seperate images on each screen, you'll need a second video card, even then things can be sketchy.
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