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Just got my TM-701L from digitalww!

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  • Just got my TM-701L from digitalww!

    I must say, thanks digitalww!

    It's a awesome in dash lcd no matter which way you look at it. The pictures on digitalww's site that show a model "TM-702LY" are just there for reference as he didn't have as many GOOD pictures of the black Tm-701L at the time he made that page, so, don't think there is any bait and switch going on. The item came packaged well and was shipped very fast. Digitalww helped me by answering many of my questions over the phone and kept me updated throughout my order, even helping me with package tracking numbers and more. Overall, a great deal.

    I am writing this because I just want people to know some of the things I had wondered about digitalww and I must say my expectations we surpassed.

    I'll be sending pics of my full install, tm-701l/xbox/etc, in my 2003 Mitsu Lancer to digitalww and how I fed 12v to the LCD from my xbox and all them lil goodies just so those of you who wonder about installing and such can see it first hand.

    Well, thats it for now...