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LCD randomly changing set?

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  • LCD randomly changing set?

    This problem has only just presented it’s self, has been working flawlessly for months. The problem that I am having is that while displaying menus and song title ect in mpxplay and mpxf the LCD changes from an English character set to a Japanese set. The LCD dose this randomly but dose not change back, if I reset the software and/or the computer the LCD stops working altogether just displays a black bar across the top line. I have found a way to fix the problem, if I run the LCD on my 166 it starts displaying things fine and then when I move it back to the carcomp it's all good. The display is a standard 16 X 2 line backlit LCD, the comp is a Celaron 466 onboard LPT and COM ports the mobo is an m748LMRT and I run DOSLFN, MPXF and MPXPLAY. Sorry for the long post but I just cant work out what’s going any suggestions much appreciated.

    mad man

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    how long is the cable?


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      Originally posted by davesaudio2
      how long is the cable?
      the cable is about 170cm / 5.6 feet but like i said i havent had any problems with it for about 6 months and it works fine on my 166


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        Check the software and hardware on the car computer. It seems like a hardware trouble on the car comp. It could be the software too.
        - Lwin M. Maung
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