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Screens and Nits and Blown bits which screen do you use

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  • Screens and Nits and Blown bits which screen do you use

    {Belezeebub's Mind Boggles}

    Ok looking for a screen now and I have some questions

    it seems the xenarc screens are listed in this fourm as not being too bright in sunlight and the lilliput screens have more threads about bad screens, blown screens and touch screen issues up the wazoo.

    So what screen should I use?

    I want a Touch screen that doesn't need to be recalabriated every 22 nano seconds, 800x600 or better that I can see when I am driving around.

    I was leaning towards the lilliput till I read all the issues posted here about them not I am not sure.

    I was looking at the touch screen Kit on (not the whole screen the kit with a LCD panel controllers and touchscreen ) I figured it would be eaiser to mount with out the case.

    Suggestions ????

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    Been using the Liliput from Digitalww for a bit now. No major complaints, seems to be working very well actually. Yes, it does have a ghost image which makes me wonder about its origin sometimes. Aside from that it's doing what I want. Been using media engine with the touchscreen which I think is pretty cool.
    Good brightness for daytime viewing, I don't find it overwheming at night, but I think that may depend on where you have it mounted and the background used as well...Just my 2 cents.