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    Has anyone tried these? If so what are they like? I like the idea of a covert install, as it reduces the risk of toe rangs nicking it!

    Sunvisor Display on Ebay

    The one above seems to be a relatively good deal but is it worth it?
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    Yes, I agree that it reduces the risk; however, the one you have link seems to be only composite, are you planning to connect it to a dvd player or carputer? If you only need it for dvd player, gaming console, vcd, tv, gps, etc...except carputer, then I think it is ok.

    What I know is that to get good quality, you need VGA input, such as Xenarc, Lilliput and many more. If you can find a sunvisor with VGA, that would be great.

    I'm not sure where you can get one, I don't know if they have one.


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      I've got one rigged up with a rear facing camera and front facing IR. it's nice for this purpose but i wouldn't want to use it for anything but composite signals, as brutal said.
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