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Should i buy this?

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  • Should i buy this?

    Used in industrial aplication before...
    Anyone know what this screen is. someone wants to sell them for approx
    80$. Touchscreen and vga 640x480 60Hz VGA 64color.

    Basically i want to build a navigator/mp3 system for my car...

    sorry here is the link

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    Its quite huge..

    Other than that, it looks okay. The price is quite good as well.
    Risky, but may be worth the money spent.

    You do mean 64k color right?
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      Since It is VGA, I Would assume it will be readable, but it's a bit hard to get any idea of how big it is from those pictures. Then, there's the question of how bright it is. I don't have a screen yet, but from what I've read on this board, you won't be able to read anything less than 200 nits in sunlight. That being said, if you're going to do a custom install, or your car has a lot of room this might be a good deal. 80 bucks is really cheap for a VGA touch screen. Any more specs or a model number would help, but for that price I'd take the gamble.