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Lilliput USB and VGA connections

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  • Lilliput USB and VGA connections

    I'm contemplating how I'm going to fit a lilliput touchscreen in my 350z. The radio is double din sized, but that is not quite big enough for this screen (right?). The screen will have to be mounted behind the opening, and some sort of mold will have to be made to make it look acceptable. It will probably fit IF the USB connection doesn't stick out of the side.

    Can anyone with the Lilliput screen confirm that the connectors don't extend out past the edges of the screen (length and width. I have plenty of room behind the screen).

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    the usb connector on the side is for the RCA cables. it sounds weird, but basically the lilliput comes with a cable with a usb connector on one end and audio/video RCA connectors on the other.

    unless you are planning to use another video source for your lilliput, you dont need to hook anything up to that usb port
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