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double DIN LCD screen

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  • double DIN LCD screen

    hey wassup guys

    well, I jumped on a group deal 2 months ago on a Microvision 7000bct (7") TFT LCD screen. This screen barely fits in my dash but I didn't need to cut or modify anything... just had to remove the back of the LCD casing (simple snap off).

    I'm very happy with the quality of the screen but I feel that I should have just bought the LCD screen made by DScustom because it's cheaper and has better fitment. I spent $215US shipped.

    I had a laptop hooked up to it temporarily. My car pc is in the works hehe.
    [ 5-spd 1996 M A X i M A SE ]

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    Looks like it fits nice to me...


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      the only way it's controlled is through an IR remote... so i had to push the screen as far up as I could so that the IR port would be displayed. From the inside, the frame of the screen is all distorted:

      [ 5-spd 1996 M A X i M A SE ]


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        Looks great!!! Very nice fit if you didn't have to modify it.
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