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    You guys ahve been very helpful to me as a lurker so now I will make my self known( and stop lurking) in hopes of some much needed help. So i final decided that I rather have a new carputer then a very *****y portable DVD player. So I canabalized the 5" widescreen LCD. It has a controler card that works great but The only way I know to make it work for sure is to connect it to the logic board of the dvd player and using the power and rca-in connectd to that board. Heres the rub, I would like to not have to go throught the dvd board. I have found that power wires to the the controler board (its hard to miss they are red, white and black a. Then there is also a connector with 20 very small wires(pic soon.) Is there any way to test for: (1) One, how many volts are going to the controler board and (2) Two, what are the each of the 20 wires are( witht he hope of makeing this VGA.) I have no idea who the origonal( or how to spell for that matter) manufacturer of the LCD and there are no markings on it or the controler board. It was taken form a mintek( don't ever buy one of these!) portable DVD player.

    OK Thanks for your help

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