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Thrustmaster PSOne Screen - help !!!

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  • Thrustmaster PSOne Screen - help !!!

    I have moded my Thrustmaster LCD based on Starfox´ explanations. Using a ATI Radeon 7500, I only get a (poor) picture on PIN 6 for Sync - Using PIN 5, I couldn´t see anything. Has anybody a glue, why ? ? ?

    But even the picture on PIN 6 is worse. No brightness, I couldn´t read anything - it is a kind of blind-flight setting up Powerstrip. Nothing compared to the pictures in the old threads. Looks like the backlight doesn´t come through. Any ideas

    I invested about 8 hours now, but my knowledge is limited.

    Thank´s for all the help

    All The Best from Germany


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    Have you dropped your horizontal refresh? You won't able to see anything initially, the screen will just roll as the horizontal refresh is faster than the display expects.

    Try installing WinVNC on your car computer, and plug a network card into it. Remote control the computer to change the settings in PowerStrip, that'll let you see what's going on.

    I'm not sure about the backlit, did you solder a +5V supply to Pin 10? It might be that the Thrustmaster display needs something different to the Sony one that i had..


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      Hi Starfox,

      thank´s for your feedback, but maybe I´m a little bit stupic , but I couldn´t interprete your tips.

      What do you mean by dropping horizontal refresh ? I have exactly your Powerstrip Picture. Btw, I could now control remotely (RAdmin), which makes testing easier, but still no success. I have +5V on PIN 10. I still couldn´t get a picture with sync on Pin 5.

      I also tried MPro´s version - the same, but if I connect sync with green, green color lights up. Why is he using PIN 6 and you PIN 5 to sync ? ? ?

      Sorry for being a little bit stupid, but I hope you have some ideas