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TM-701L Screen Adjustment

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  • TM-701L Screen Adjustment

    I've searched and messed around with various programs to no avail. I can't get windows to extend out my screen to the full resolustion of 800x480 (or is 800x600 better, assuming it can do it?)! Can anybody help me out with this? Is there just an .inf file I can load or do I need to actually customize the resolution myself? Anybody have their powerstrip settings for this monitor that they can send me? That would be awesome then guys. Thanks!

    BTW, the problem I'm having with PowerStrip is that my text is so small and the rez is so small that it's near impossible to adjust settings on my lcd as necessary.

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    When I say I searched, I mean the forums. I've found a few threads, but nothing that would help me out that I could see. They all said "use powerstrip" or what not. And well, I tried that and I would contiune trying it, but I was hopin gfor the latter .


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      can anybody help?