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need help with lilliput RCA video input

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  • need help with lilliput RCA video input

    I received a lilliput 7" touchscreen the other day from the same guy I bought it on ebay and I didn't test the RCA video inputs until now, I just used it with my car pc, I put a video source on the RCA's and there is no image on VIDEO 1 ,VIDEO 2, I was wondering if anyone had this problem?

    if you do, how did you fix it?

    Carlos C

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    Turn up the settings in the menu.


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      I bought a very expensive nightvision camera to used it with this monitor and aparently the voltage from the video output is not sufficient for the liliiput to switch from stand by to show video feed. if I connect direct TV to the RCA video it works , but with the nightvision camera not.

      Does anyone knows if the lilliput haves a internal screw to set the gain from a video input?

      Carlos C


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        I don't know but you can get a video amplifier for about 20 bucks if you have to.
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          Having the same problem with my Lilliput. I have been trying to get some of those Atari joystick games to work with RCA in. I originally thought that there was a problem with the setting on the Lilliput but after playing with the USB connector input I got it to work....BRIEFLY. The problem is in either the cable or the connector. I didn't want to VOID my warranty by opening up the screen but I am going to and check for cold solder joints on the PCB. If it turns out to be the cable I will solder in my own cable to allow me to have the connector not sticking out the side.

          Sure wish they would have used a different input setup for the RCA connection.


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            hmmm...I think I may be experiencing the same issue with my setup, but I'm using the TM-701L screen (which happens to be composite input) I thought that my video car maybe at fault (as in the S-video port) Guess the only way to check would be to find another video screen/TV that accepts S video and try it out.


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              Well.....warantee void.

              Solder joints are fine. Starting to look like it is cable problem or cable/connector poor contact. I got it working one more time and just touched the connector and lost it.

              Probably just going to solder in a whole new cable in the Lilli and make a new RCA connector using the other end of the USB cable I canabalize.

              Not what I had in mind when I bought this screen but other than the USB/RCA issue it works great.


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                Got the connection fixed. Added a cable to the Lilli and also made a new RCA input cable. I think the problem was all in the RCA input cable.

                I didn't hook up the power input on the new cable since I already have the 12v wire ran.
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                  I have the same problem.

                  I have a CTF700 7" and the sensitivity level for the video-in must have been set tooooo high!

                  I don't have a problem when connecting a camera (it works fine) but with the TV-tuner. When the signal quality goes below 80%-90% (!!), the monitor cuts off the image.

                  Can i install a video amplifier between the TV-tuner and the RCA video-in of the TFT, in order to trick the TFT and keep the image always on?


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                    pshark- do you mind showing me a pic of where you soldered the new connection on? I just bought a 619 and it doesn't have the video connectors at all (the guy i bought it from lost it). Thanks, Drew
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