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ok... so i *****ed up my install... suggestions?

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  • ok... so i *****ed up my install... suggestions?

    i molded my lilliput into my dash and messed up big time. rear casing is still ok, all the innards of the lilliput are still great ... the buttons are now messed up, and so is the front casing. what do you recommend i do now? heres what i was considering....

    1) buy tm701L in dash casing ( but i dont know how to put the lilliput in there and get all the buttons to work and whatnot.....

    2) part out my lilliput or sell as a whole and just say ***** it.

    3) track down someone that has a front casing and buttons for the lilliput (tried and its impossible to find someone)

    4) suicide.

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    talk to Armen (digitialww). He might have something to say about 1) and 3)

    I'd take you up on 2)

    4) reserved for if you crack the LCD
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      how much is the insides worth ? ive got everything and its all perfect. only things that are **** are the front casing and buttons. let me know.

      i talked to armen, he said i'd have to figure out how to wire the lilliput into the indash casing..... and i'm not real savvy with stuff like that.. so i'm stuck there.. so next would be to get a new front bezel and buttons.

      let me know.


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        How much for the remains of the Lilliput? If I was you I'd just make a new bezel. Or throw it all in a box I'll fix it up for you cheap.


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          Do you want to sell it? if yes pm me


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            how much is this thing worth without the front bezel? i dont know. i just bought it a couple weeks ago. give me offers and i wont forget about you guys... i just gotta get this stuff figured out


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              do you pic of it?


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                if it works i'll give ya fiftey dollahs for it
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                  i decided i'm keeping the monitor.. selling it would be a huge loss to me. becuase i understand if you are wanting to buy it, you want a heck of a deal. and i can't go as low as you guys are offering. so i guess i will just have to find out how to install this badboy in one of armen's indash housings ... help on that would be appreciated