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Opinions needed on this DVD/CD/MP3 Player (Sorry if OT)

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  • Opinions needed on this DVD/CD/MP3 Player (Sorry if OT)

    [To Moderators: Sorry if this is Off-Topic, but it seems like the best forum to ask about non-PC driven DVD/MP3/CD Players]

    I was thinking of this TV Tuner/DVD/MP3/CD player from First off, have any of you dealt with before? I sent them an email, but never got a response. However, it seems that most of these places don't seem to care about customer emails, yet most of you order anyways and still receive your products. I just wanna make sure this place won't take my moola and run--but I have faith in AMEX if they decide to do that .

    So what do you guys think? Should I go with this?

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      A friend of mine just bought the newer Blaupunkt Slot DVD w/tuner from Ikesound for $155. I bought once from MP3PlayerStore no problems. I just bought a TView Slot DVD off Ebay for my back seat for $89, but no tuner.


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        Originally posted by frodobaggins

        AHHHHHHH! Damn, they sound like the worst company ever...LOL! Ok, time to find a new source.
        1997 BMW 328i


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          Yea, the ratings seem pretty low, I don't think I would be buying from them any time soon.
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