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Where to buy 7" VGA Panel (not casing as well)?

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  • Where to buy 7" VGA Panel (not casing as well)?

    I'm gonna get an in dash casing and I want to put a 7" VGA screen in it. I can't find just the panels sold for a reasonable price anywhere. Right now I'm looking at just buying a 7" lilliput touchscreen off ebay for $300 shipped and ripping that apart and putting into the in-dash housing but I'd rather get the LCD panel, VGA controller, and TSK seperately if i can do that more cost efficiently. digitalww has such a bundle but it's $380 :/ Anyone got any ideas?

    P.S. Does anyone know if there would be any issues with dismantling this:

    and putting it into a TM-701L in-dash housing?

  • #2 if your not looking for a touchscreen $230


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      I put the lilliput and the in dash housing. I got my screen long time ago, I am waiting for the in dash housing so that I can install it. According to digitalww, the lilliput does fit the in dash housing. The link you have of the ebay one is a lilliput so I think you should have a problem. The only thing is taking apart and putting it together and make it work.


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        Nevermind, it's not a VGA...


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