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Total cost in time and money to custom mold LCD? Also, worth it for psone lcd?

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  • Total cost in time and money to custom mold LCD? Also, worth it for psone lcd?

    I purchased the $32 PSone LCD from Target... but now am starting to question if it is good enough for what I want to do. I was testing it with DVDs through only the RCA input and it was pretty good quality... I hear with the VGA it should be even better. However, I do want to run GPS, etc, and am wondering if this screen will be good enough. I was thinking about molding it into my dash and trying it for a little while... then maybe upgrade in a few months when a good deal comes along.

    I'm wondering how much time and money it will take to mold the PSone LCD into the dash... and if it would be worth it for me to rip it out a few months down the line if I want to go with a 7". The time really isn't that important... more the money. I'm thinking about selling the PSone LCD and getting a 7" right away.
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    check out to learn how to mold LCDs into dash bezels...


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      link not working????
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        Originally posted by supralightning
        link not working????
        I think he was referring to this site: Glass Works.
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          dear god, does it really matter?

          just make a removable mount for the lcd, clip the ribbons, add connectors, round out the monitor case (assuming sony, square out for others). That way when someone rips into your dash with a knife, it wont be for a $30 lcd.

          Go clandestine. the psone screens are marvellous, and you can shape them to pretty much whatever you want within reason. and as long as you're not doing word processing or precise programs, the aux in is great- and if you are using word processing or graphics... stop it. and get your bloody eyes back on the road.
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            I love noob on noob banter...

            I think everyone is missing the major point... We could tell you figures and stats but when it comes right down to it you have to ask yourself... Do I really want to put that much time into a such a tiny screen?
            Originally posted by menudude
            thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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              To mod the PSone LCD there is a worth and not of doing so.
              If you are a modder or want to learn thing, yes it worth to do. The experience you learn while doing it is priceless.
              If you just want something ready to use and save money, no it's cost more than you think it is. After all the bang and scratch, the screen still doesn't look the way you want and you may spend more than you originally thought.
              My modded PSOne cost about 150. A little costly because I didn't get the 32 bucks deal at Target. And a good thing is that I already had a video card that is known to work with PowerStrip and PSOne.
              These day, you can get a 7 incher VGA w/out TS for a little more than 200 bucks.
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                Thanks for the (serious) replies! I'm thinking of just getting the 7" and saving myself the trouble down the line. I do want to custom mold whatever I do and learn how... but I think I'm going to want a 7" soon anyway.
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                  Sent you a private message about getting that sony lcd from you.

                  [email protected]


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                    If your planing to do this in a mx6....theres alot of cutting involved. Remember our dash doesnt exactly have a doubledin slot. All depends on where you want to mount the screen.


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                      Looks like I'm in for some fun then lol. My plan was to drop the heating controls down to where the ashtray is (people on have done it and said you don't even have to extend the wires), move my headunit down to the bottom where the storage area was, and then mount the LCD in the area where the climate control and top din slot. I also have a Sirius Satellite Radio that I have to do something with or get rid of.

                      Have you molded an lcd yet... from your profile I can't tell how far along you are on your carputer project.


                      edit: Now that I have officially purchased my carputer yesterday from 00celiruss, I have sold my psone lcd and will be purchasing a 7" this week.
                      1995 Talon TSi AWD, 1992 Lexus SC300... LexusPC is finally almost ready for install!