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Calling all TM 701L users with GPS

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  • Calling all TM 701L users with GPS

    I'm thinking of using this screen with my GPS, how well does it work? I know it's not a VGA screen but it's supposed to be highly rated as a composite and very good. I'll be using media car and mappoint 2004. If anyone has comments, or better yet, pictures please post them!


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    You may be able to get away with Mappoint if you increase the fonts. I can only speak for Street Atlas 9 and 2003 and CoPilot 2003. SA 9 and 2003 will most likely drive you insane. The fonts are way to small and the interface was not made for small screens without VGA input. Stay away. Now CoPilot on the other hand is, IMO, great for a non-vga setup. The interface is intuitive and works great with a small composite input screen. It may not have the database SA has but it's still a hella easier on the eyes.
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      Here is a crappy pic of my screen runing GPS will get beter pics soon

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        Hrmm well I might consider getting a Lilliput touch screen with an indash kit then.

        The screen runs for about $300 and $90 more for the indash kit so it's $390
        The 701L is $340 with the indash and touchscreen kit so the price difference is not that great.

        I'm still interested in what others have to say though, so keep the feedback coming. I might consider switching to another GPS software if it's easier to use. I think map point is kind of stupid, it doesn't seem to be very good when used with a GPS. It's more useful for just planning a trip I think.

        I don't have a GPS receiver to try it out yet but I'm not sure if I can just set an end location for map point and have it direct me there. You can't save points of interests either and create a route from that, I think you have to enter in new addresses each time.


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          Yes I know the res is ****ty on the screen but I bought the screen to connect to my DVD changer and the carpc was a after thought , but I think i'll be buying a liliput touch screen as soon as I get some more money
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