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    Hello Friends,

    I have a crashed Canon Notebook and I want to use his Screen on my Carputer PC.

    How can I transform the screen to put it in my default VGA output of the PC???

    And about his energy??

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    good luck doing it, not worth the hassle.
    What im curently listening to.
    My complete carpc setup


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      Come on Everybody!

      Someone should have a project with this too.


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        The part that makes this so much more difficult than it may be worth is the LCD controller. Laptop LCDs aren't rigged to work simply once they've been removed from the laptop itself. They need an interface card in order to work with your VGA video card. LCD monitors that are meant for PCs already have this hardware installed.

        In order to use the LCD from your laptop, you'd need to find a suitable LCD controller board, which can be a serious pain and quite costly. I ended up spending more than I would on a 7-8" LCD VGA with touch-screen on just the LCD controller, which I then had to return due to a one-off versioning issue.

        If you want to give it a go, EarthLCD has quite a bit of information as well as some examples of the hardware you'll most likely need. If you go through with it, good luck!



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          Originally posted by Diogo.HUdson
          Come on Everybody!

          Someone should have a project with this too.

          Come on you, read the FAQ :

          Old Systems retired due to new car
          New system at design/prototype stage on BeagleBoard.