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Lilliput 8" Touchscreen Display

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  • Lilliput 8" Touchscreen Display

    Hey folks...

    First poster here. First off, I'd like to thank everyone here for all of the great information on all facets of the Car-PC/Carputer/MP3Car projects. I stumbled upon this site last week and couldn't believe there were so many people doing what I'd been pondering for a few years now.

    Anyhow... I'm looking to migrate from my current "laptop-in-the-passenger-seat" configuration (high-tech as it may be...hehe) to a more integrated and permanent setup and the big decision I'm currently making is around which LCD to order... It looks like a lot of people use the Lilliput 7" 16:9 display or the Xenarc display of the same dimension...

    Prowling EBay just now, I stumbled upon a Lilliput 8" Touchscreen with what appears to be DVI input and a 4:3 aspect ratio... Has anyone tried one of these out? It's a bit pricier, but It may be worth it for the extra screen real-estate...


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    Welcome to the boards. Careful, it's addictive!

    Can you post a link to the 8" VGA Lilliput you found? I can't seem to find it.



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      Heres one sorry it's an Aussie eBay link but the people selling them do have links to other local eBays.
      And you do have to get them shiped from Hong kong


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        Thanks for the welcome!

        The EBayer selling the 8" Lilliput is "electronicar," who appears to be the same person a lot of posters here recommend for the 7" widescreen Lilli... The EBay ad is odd because it looks like s/he recycled the ad for the 7" and forgot to change a lot of key points (the text and the pictures don't seem to agree)...

        Here's a link to one in GBP...

        It looks like a 4:3 aspect ratio at 8" diagonal. Other than that and the fact that it's DVI and has an S-Video input, it appears the same as the 7" version. It's only about $40 more if I recall correctly...



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          Has anyone got ahold of one of these 8" screens? I'm interested in finding out the size of screen (not the plastic casing) as compared to the 7" screens. Also anyone know the rez f the 8"? thanks all for the help.
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            Originally posted by Randomtask
            Other than that and the fact that it's DVI and has an S-Video input, it appears the same as the 7" version.
            Why does everyone think that it has DVI. Look closer, that is NOT DVI. It appears to be a centronic connector.
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              So, has anyone tried one of these yet?