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Lilliput and adding another screen..

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  • Lilliput and adding another screen..

    I have a lilliput as my main screen, I also noticed the USB w/ SVGA cable for the side of it.

    My question is, how can I connect an additional monitor just for the passenger to view.
    I have the m9000, Im sure I can use that to display from the svideo out as well as the LCD, but can I use the cable that came with my lilliput to display an additional screen for my passenger side to view?
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    By useing a secondary PCI video card.... XP supports it... I have one for sale that supports 2 additional monitors... Matrox G450 Dual Head...


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      i don't know about the via's ... but on some laptops i've been able to get the vga and rca out to display at the same time ... maybe you could send vga to one lilliput and rca to the other.
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        There is where a GF4 MX 440 AGP or 420 PCI would be good.. They can output seperate VGA and RCA signals.. I have both in my main home PC and I run one monitor on the MX420 and a monitor and TV off the MX440 for 3 seperate displays...