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Touch Not Working On New Lilliput 7" LCD

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  • Touch Not Working On New Lilliput 7" LCD

    I just got my new 7" lilliput screen from Extreme Audio Electronics (ebay). I hooked it up to my laptop, installed the drivers, everything was working great. With the casing, the lcd was a little big for my bezel in my '00 Explorer, so I decided I would take it out of the case and see how it fit. I unscrewed everything, removed the ribbon cables, etc... and took off the outer casing. I then connected everything back up and plugged it in to the laptop. I can see the picture, but the touchscreen doesn't work at all! When I plug the usb connection in, I get the error from XP "USB Device Not Recognized - One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned , and Windows does not recognize it." This sucks!! All the connections seem to be where they should. Does anybody have a wiring diagram of how it all goes back together? Any ideas at all???


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    Heh, nevermind. Bent a pin in the usb/vga cable. Bah, that was close. Good first post, huh?