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VGA LCD screen *and* a small VFD lcd display using MediaEngine?

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  • VGA LCD screen *and* a small VFD lcd display using MediaEngine?

    Nothing beats the awesome look of a nice big 7" screen in the dash using MediaEngine, but theres something inside me that also really likes those small character displays, especially the nice blue vfd ones. I was wondering if anyone has made a setup that utilized both? I guess they would display redundant data, but you could design it so that the small display did just visualization, and could mount it interestingly.

    The thing is as far as I am concerned, only winamp plugins can use those small displays. So I was just wondering if anyone had any pics of both in action at the same time.

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    yeah that would be awesome, like displaying cpu temps are the likes...
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      I know that MediaCar can use a HD44780 based character LCD for output.

      You can probably find many Winamp plugins which will show stuff on a VFD. As MediaEngine and MediaCar are both based on Winamp, then either could be used

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        Oh really now?

        I knew that they were both based on winamp - but I thought that the similarity was buried deep, and that one couldn't run both media engine AND those lcd plugins simultaneously.

        Thing is, this is totally form over function for me. Nothing looks more factory and just plain beautiful than a touch screen lcd using media*, but I have a nerdy fascination with having some character display. Or even a pixel based lcd mono display.

        I haven't even really thought about what I would want to put on it. Hrm.. Or where to put it... hrm...


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          I was trying to do something similar with ME2.0 and girder, though I could never get it to recognize that WMP was running. Maybe I'll give it another shot with 2.1.

          I use a non-indash 5.6" screen so on short trips when I'm being too lazy to hook up the LCD I want to be able to see what song is playing and stuff.