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DIY Lcd has flicker....

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  • DIY Lcd has flicker....

    Just plucked up the courage to wire up my DIY lcd!!

    Using up work time....i have a problem though the screen seems to work and it displays a picture but it seems to flicker or to be more precise it kind of slurs pixels.......sometimes it stops for a time if i hold it an angle, i was wondering if any one else had similar issues.....ive used the search feature and issues about grounding come up.....but i have it attached to a voltage regulator at work so im pretty sure its ok.

    This only happens on the vertical axis.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    what brand of screen is this and what are you wiring it to?
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      lcd is a nec

      and the controller is a rv 300


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        Are you sure the screen and controller board are compatable. The screen you are using is 6 bit and the controller document says its 24 bit. Also which ARV-300 series controller do you have. Is it arv-300 (vga), (svga), (xga1), or (xga2)?


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          I've been having this problem today... check and double check your connection between the controller and the LCD... I had a dodgy connection... and after playing with the wires, one eventually brokw. The LCD is now a lot more flickery, and I'm gonna have to rip the whole screen out the car to fix it..
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            Well i told this company what i had and asked them to supply me and they said it would be compatiable ...

            So i put my faith with them really.

            My model is the svga version i believe

            Sorry to hear about your issue Mike i was concerned about my wiring and i have redone it but no difference happened.

            I have made progress though by turning one of the rotary switches on the back of the gives me a solid pic now...but the picture is off the left of the screen and no matter how much i play with the osd it wont come back....

            anyone got any surgestions.

            thank you all for your help so far.


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              Can some one go to page 5 of this pdf and tell what SW5 does.....all i can tell is that does what i described above.....please please......

              pretty please.



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                  As far as I know the data enable pot has to do with the vertical and horizontal timing on the lcd timing contoller. This is factory preset and you probably shouldnt mess with it, unless it wasnt set according to the LCD specs.


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                    well i have contacted the people that sold me the controller....hopefully they maybe able to help.

                    Are there any lcd experts out there?


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                      Actually to clarify my problem the screen jumps up and down by one pixel on the vertical axis.


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                        Originally posted by Blop
                        Are there any lcd experts out there?

                        A while back, I recall stumbling accross a bbs or newsgroup for LCD hobbyists and it appeared to be quite active with EEs and techies offering up a great deal of help/experience with the "nuts and bolts" aspect of LCD displays to people who would post questions.

                        I'm sorry that I dont have the addy to it, I would have sworn that I bookmarked the place, but It looks like I forgot to. Does anybody else out there know of the place that I'm refering to?
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                          ok doc....well i think ill try some searching for an lcd forum!!! thankyou ... searching for something is better than stressing over my possible busted parts!!!


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                              bump bump-o-matic!