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  • What's the difference?

    What's the differece between LCD display and TFT display. I found a 7.2 LCD for $80 and then I saw a 5.6 TFT for $97.

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    TFT is a Type of LCD. There is TFT and STN LCD screens. STN's tend to be no good at all, TFT is better.
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      The cost difference could be for any number of reasons. There could be different inputs, and they could be different resolutions.
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        Well both have the same inputs. Just wondering if the quality of the picture differ. And is it worth the extra for a TFT display?


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          always worth the extra for a TFT. It's worth mentioning that just because an ad doesn't say TFT doesn't mean it's not TFT.
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            Well... what do I look for in a LCD? I see some people on this forum has complained about there monitor going out, and most are higher end monitors. So does it matter how much I send? I was thinking of the 7.2" LCD for $80.00


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              first off, theres TFT and STN (someone already said that). STN is something to watch out for, but the for the most part i dont see it much anymore.

              you can get that 7.2" LCD (and i prettymuch garuntee you that its a TFT as well). but there no free lunch. input on that monitor will be composite video only (the kind your VCR/TV uses). while this is great for watching movies on, when you get into a carpc application it most likely wont cut it. unless you make your text REALLY REALLY BIG, its going to be fuzzy, and hard to read. in addition, you will need a video card that has composite video out.

              sadly enough, the only real option for a carpc that is READABLE is TFT/LCD monitor with VGA input. that will input directly from your computer, without conversion, and offers FOUR TIMES the resolution of standard composite monitor! unfortunately, it also costs around $300 for the monitor instead of $100.

              long and short of it: if extreme fuzzyness works in your setup, have at it. if you need a clear picture however, your gonna have to save up a bit more and spring for the more expensive one. all the ones currently on ebay right now start at $300 and have built-in touchscreen. from time to time you can catch a model without the touchccreen for a tad less.

              Good luck!
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                Some of the 7" lcd ads on ebay I was looking at said for something like $40 less they would send just an lcd, no touchscreen, but that hardly seems worth it, for that little amount of money the touchscreen is a nice feature. I ended up going with a lilliput, I hope I have at least decent luck with it.