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TM-702LT - No Signal? :(

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  • TM-702LT - No Signal? :(

    Hey all,

    Just bought a TM-702LT from a fellow mp3car member but on power up the screen simply displays a fuzzy "nothing" on the screen and no power light or menu etc.

    What could be wrong with it? I've currently got it hooked up to my PC PSU using the instructions from my search here a couple of days earlier. Tried putting input from a DVD player and the PC so far, no joy. Pressing the V1/V2 button does seem to change the channel but again I get fuzz etc. Anyone any ideas?


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    Ok, scratch that one! Got the screen working, had to let the PC detect my TV first, then swap over the cables though, anyone got any suggestions for letting me detect the LCD on my radeon 9600 xt and also getting the resolution down to 640x480?

    Running Windows XP with the omega radeon drivers if that helps...



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      For the res go to the display properties and have it list all modes. I think you will be able to select 640 in there but you will prolly get a WinXP message about the res being too low. As far as the detection part, I have read but not tried, the Catalyst 3.2 drivers will allow you to force the TV out and it will retain the setting as aposed to all the other driver versions after those.
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