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  • Display looks bad

    I bought a in dash monitor off ebay. It views DVD well, but I hooked my computer to it and the display is too small for text. I tried to enlarge the fonts, icon and change display resolution to 640 x 480. I can get the desk top icons the way I want to see them but other software is to small to view. I wanted to use the computer in the car for viewing my stand-a-lone engine and mp3, but I can't read the text on the engine software. I'm I doing something wrong or is the monitor to cheap display a good picture from a computer.

    I have a ATI 7000 video card with TV out
    Generic 6" TFT monitor with 2 RCA video inputs

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    It's probably as good as it is going to be. You need a screen with VGA input if you want to see all the small letters and stuff.


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      Where can I buy a vga screen? Got a website?