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    Ok guys I just ordered a laptop hitachi screen. I was told I would need a controller card for it to make it work. It has a 2 wires, and a 3 slot molex coming outa it. I was wondering if I could take something outa something else, like a controller card outa a VCR, TV, or w/e has a controller card and hook it up to the laptop screen?? I just got it in today, and its too damn nice to get rid of. Its PERFECT condition, best thing I've ever ordered off ebay. Let me know thanks guys. This is the plug it has.
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    That connector is for the CCFL backlight. You'll also need (besides a controller card) an inverter to light up the backlight. Good luck.........


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      SinnerG is right. That molex is for hooking up the backlight inverter (you need one of those too).

      For the data controller look for something that looks like a small SCSI connector, or a laptop HDD IDE connector. That is one of the normal types of ways they connect. The connector will probably on the opposite edge of the back of the screen.

      BTW, Lookf or a DigitalView or Dr-Berghaus/Kontron reseller (the parent companies won't deal direct for such small orders).
      They should have a panel/controller sellector where you can punch in the details you have and select the correct controller for what you need.

      A Dr-Berghaus CRTtoLCD1 with the cable set and an OSD panel cost me 198GBP for my Toshiba LTM10C209A shipped in the UK from
      4x4 in a turbo stylee.