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Wireless lilliput 7 touchscreen wireless.?

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  • Wireless lilliput 7 touchscreen wireless.?

    Hi I was wondering if it is possible to make this screen wireless so I donít need to connect the vga directly into the mini itx card. And what sort of devices I need for that and where to buy it

    The USB thingy is easy to get wireless, you just buy two of those Bluetooth USB adapter that has built in drivers in the Bluetooth.

    Just plug one BT USB adapter and one on the mini itx card. And this is Bluetooth II so it has "100 meters" range.

    I want this so I can move the monitor around in the car with out worry about cables and stuff. Feks if my 3 year old son wants to play a computer game or just watch a DVD we can move the screen from the dashboard to the back of the passenger suet.

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    Originally posted by Nokia6600
    The USB thingy is easy to get wireless
    Watch out, that 'USB' connector on the side of the Lilliput 7" is NOT a USB. Oh, it's a USB connector all right, but the circuit isn't USB, it's just the audio and video inputs to the AV1/AV2 ports.

    The regular USB connected to the VGA cable could work with the Bluetooth arrangement I suppose, not sure about it myself. You'd also want to transmit the VGA, or TV output might be easier, there are small TV retransmitters. The amount of bulk you're starting to talk about might make a well-wrapped umbilical more feasible.

    Try taking some of that spiral polyethylene or the split polystyrene cable wrap around it all, see if that neatens it up for you cheaper.
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      How would you get power? Battery? I don't think it would last too long on any small batteries and a larger battery would kill the portability. I'd say you should do the umbilical method mentioned above or have all the connections in both places so you can disconnect the wires in one place and plug it up in the other place (ie. have the VGA cable and a power plug in the dash and then also have RCA's and a power plug on the rear of the seat)


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        Hmmm... Have i completly missunderstood the whole thing ?

        I thought that the screen came with one VGA (that I could put straight into a computer) one 12V power cable and on usb cable to controll the touch screen .. Is this correct ?
        I can plug this screen direcly into desktop computer rite ? I am developing this mulimedia/gps/touch keyboard system on a linux system so I want to do it on mye dual AMD with 2 gb mb instead of using the itx

        Ill just forget about the whole wireless idea, stupid me didnt think about the power the actually screen needs

        Edit: Anyone know where to get these screens in Australia ?

        Sorry for my bad English


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          Drop the idea and just hook it up correctly, save the trouble, money and frustration and just do it right....