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Another PSone thread : NTSC sum up info

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  • Another PSone thread : NTSC sum up info

    Ok. I have sum up all the info I can find on modding my Sont made Psone lcd screen to accept vga signal.

    I have an American ( NTSC ) screen.

    First what I need is :

    Old vga cable
    Multi AV passthrough cable ( for no soldering hacking )
    A ligther car adpater for the screen ( one that takes 127.5v )
    Male Molex connector , to wire the lighter car adpater to accept 12v from psu and give 7.5v to LCD)
    Pci video card that support Csync ( Such as a Matrox G200 PCI )
    Powerstrip v.3.xx

    Now the wiring ( thanks to Serio and Starfox ) :

    PSX Pin 5 - Composite Sync - Wired to CSync on VGA (Pin 13)
    PSX Pin 8 - Common Ground - Wired to Red/Green/Blue Ground on VGA (Pin 6-7-8)
    PSX Pin 9 - PSX Blue - Wired to Blue on VGA (Pin 3)
    PSX Pin 10 - +5V - Wired to DCC on VGA (Pin 9) - Needs to be connected, else the LCD doesn't power up.
    PSX Pin 11 - PSX Red - Wired to Red on VGA (Pin 1)
    PSX Pin 12 - PSX Green - Wired to Green on VGA (Pin 2)
    PSX Pin 8 VGA (Pin 11-4)

    Tie pins 11 and 4 to ground as well, to ensure your video card detects that a display device is there

    This works if your video card can output CSync on pin 13 (13 is also HSync if it outputs seperate HSync / VSync).

    Now to the Powerstrip setting : ( thanks tro MrPro )

    The default 640x480i (Arcade) resolution

    Pixel Clock 12.696
    Composite Sync Checked
    Sync on Green Unchecked
    Interlaced Checked
    Horizontal and Vertical Polarity Negative
    Only Real-time adjustment checked under Options

    For Horizontal Geometry
    Scan rate 15.870kHz
    Active 640 pixels 50.410us
    Front porch 32 pixels 2.520us
    Sync width 64 pixels 5.041us
    Back porch 64 pixels 5.041us
    Total 800 pixels 63.012us

    For Vertical Geometry
    Refresh rate 30.286Hz
    Active 480 lines 30.246ms
    Front porch 6 lines 0.378ms
    Sync width 8 lines 0.504ms
    Back porch 30 lines 1.890ms
    Total 524 lines 33.018

    With all of this, I should be ok ?
    Am I missing something ?

    Let me know

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