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  • Native Lilliput 7" Res

    I am asking about the lillyput 7" 619GL-70NP/C which I have been told all use the Hitachi TX18D11VM1CAA LCD panel.

    Trying to sort out what is best res to set graphics card to for the 7" Lilliput, assuming everyone aggrees for best display you want it displaying at the screens native resolution.
    However am now very confused as to what the true resolution of my screen is. Is this just websites exagerating or what???
    Says 1024x 768 which is 786,432 pixels
    This is the guy I bought mine from, they say
    2400 x 480 which is 1,152,000 pixels!! That is a claim, 1.1MP on a 7"??!

    And the majority of people on here argue about whether its 848 x 480 or 800 x 480.
    On DigitalWW it says 800 x 480 which is closest to 16:9 out of all of them (assuming pixels are square!!).
    This seems like the truth to me.

    Very confused now! Hopefully this doesnt turn into a debate, surely someone here knows for sure!
    And if it is truely 800 x 480 then can i get those websites done for false advertising??!

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    LCD's which are not typically used for computers report their resolutions differently. When a CRT says it is 1024x768 it means that it is 1024x768. But when an LCD says that it is 1024x768, it is actually 3072x768 because there are actually three pixels (one red, one green, one blue) for every one in a CRT. For computers these values are usually reported in their equivalent CRT resolutions.

    So the advertisement that it is 2400x480 is misleading, but not untrue.

    2400x480 LCD = 800x480 CRT


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      here is the right info for 619


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        It all makes sense, cheers guys.