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HELP! Touchscreen Registry Problem!

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  • HELP! Touchscreen Registry Problem!

    Uggh, I need some help. Does anyone know what I can do to restore my registry if I didn't make a backup? What happened was, I was having the Lilliput/Media Engine problem where I couldn't use Volume or Up/Down in Media Engine by touching it. I was told to re-install the drivers, and unfortunately something happened when I did. Now the thing won't properly install, uninstall, and half of touchkit was deleted. I need to somehow restore my registry? Anyone have any suggestions? I'm running windows 2000 with NO CD drive or NO win 2000 disk.

    Please help!~

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    Hey Nick. Try this. Go to Administrative Tools -> Computer Management, then Device Manager in there. Look in the Mice folder. If you have a mouse, you should see 2 devices. One is the touchscreen device. Delete it and then double right click in the white space there and you should see a menu pop up to scan hardware changes. That should find it and reinstall it like new. I think it was a single right click in 2K. If you don't see it, just reboot.