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How to take apart psone lcd?

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  • How to take apart psone lcd?

    Anybody that has taken apart the psone lcd I could really use some help. I dont exactly know where to start i unscrewed the part with the controls on it then i kind of pryed it up but i dont know what to do, should i keep on prying? I want to completly strip the monitor so i just have the lcd and board.

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    I learn how to take it out the hard way.
    The screen I have is the Sony one.
    - On top of the LCD there are 2 white rubbers hole plug, take that out and unscrew 2 screws.
    - Use a flat head screw driver and pry the "speaker grill" up from the outside. There are 2 screws (one top and one on the bottom) on each side (4 total.)
    - now pry the back (top) cover out. Do not use to much force.
    - unscrew 3 screws on the bottom part and pry the back bottom part out.
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