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Just a few quick Lilliput questions

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  • Just a few quick Lilliput questions

    Hi all,
    I have been running my Lilliput 7" touchscreen monitor for about a week now and a few questions have come up..

    1) sometimes with bassier music (no subs installed either) my lcd seems to flicker with the bass notes. Does anyone know what could be cuasing this? is it a signal wire or a power wire issue?

    2) when the pc first boots there is a 'over range' error message.. until a few seconds later the "returning to windows" from hibernation screen shows.

    My power wires for the lcd are tapped into the power wires for my head unit. The head unit isnt' feeding any speakers.. just my amp. The amp signal wires are under the carpet running to the back alongside my lilliputs wire (not right next to each other though) .. my power wires are on the other side of the vehicle .

    I'm kinda stumped here guys.. please help.. I saw a few posts about the over range problem but no solution yet


    Zack Carlson

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    Your sound system is drawing too much power, three solutions I can think of (and you will probably need all of them at the end of the day)

    Check your existing charge circuit, maybe your alternator is not up to speed or your battery is a bit poor, also what do the battery connections look like ? maybe clean them with a bit of coca cola the run some proper gauge wire from the battery, fused of course, dont trust the stock wiring, then maybe a power capacitor, or even a second battery.

    The dimming is caused by the bass sounds, even without a sub, this causes a voltage drop of maybe half a volt or more, if you have a multimeter, you can measure this and see what I am talking about, the thicker wire will help a little, the power capacitor a lot and the second battery will prevent this from happening, if you dont address these issues chances are you will destroy the "backlight" of the lcd or the controller card for it
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      Ok thanks.. that makes sense to me..

      I'm going to run new wires to the lilliput. The alt is brand new (about 1 month) and the wires for my amps and stuff are actually 00 gauge welding wire... super flexible multistranded wire.. so that's not a problem.. I think I'm going to run the screen off a relay that's hooked to my main dist. blocks.. that should work well i think. but the stock adapter for the lilliput uses small wires so i figured it didnt draw much power at all.

      none of my other accesories dim when bass hits.. no lights dim or anything.