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Xenarc TS USB wire harness mod

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  • Xenarc TS USB wire harness mod

    I have finally got around to setting up my Xenarc 700TS that I bought a few months ago, and I'm running into problems with the TouchKit drivers not recognising the USB touch screen controller at all. I've played with all of the possible setup variables w/o any luck. After digging about on the net for clues, I came accross this review of the Xenarc:

    In the article, the author mentions having troubles very similar to what I've been experiencing. He contacted Xenarc's technical support group and they acknowledged that it was a known cable issue, and supplied him with a wiring diagram to splice/solder the proper connections... problem solved.

    I seem to remember reading about this "cable problem" and the splice/solder rewire solution a while back at a few sites (including one that had the wire diagram on line) but my search has now come up empty.

    Does any body happen to have the wiring diagram, or know of a site that has it on line?

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

    Procrastination is the catalyst of true innovation; fueled by inspiration, desperation and the fear of humiliation.

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    I would say to call Xenarc's tech support number. I called a few times about problems with my board and the guy was very helpful and knew what he was talking about. I bought the screen from dscustoms, not Xenarc.


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      Thanx for the tip...

      I gave Xenarc a call towards the end of last week, and spoke with a kind gent named Jimmy, who ended up being an enormous help!

      Jimmy had given me a couple suggestions (incl. info on the harness splice) over the phone & via e-mail, but upon closer investigation, I could see that my harness was not from the same batch that the splice worked on.

      So I called Jimmy again to ask what my next option was. He told me to send the whole unit in so that he could have a look at it. Since I live within an hour of their facility, He gave me the OK to bring it in person (which I prefer since I've had too many bad UPS-fedEx-USPS et. al. delivery experiences over the years)

      Upon my arriving at Xenarc, Jimmy offered for me to take a seat while he took the unit to his test bench. He told me that it shouldn’t take too long, and about ten minutes later he returned, handing it back to me in splendid working order with a new controller card installed. He also gave it a courtesy full factory calibration... all free of charge!

      As it turns out, the touch screen troubles had nothing to do with the touch screen itself, but rather, the display controller card!... I would have gone mad if I had decided to troubleshoot it myself!!

      After that pleasant experience, I must say, the money I spent on the purchase price of the Xenarc was worth every single dime! It truly is a first class product, with a helpful staff of first class people! I urge anybody who is thinking about going with a cheaper monitor to consider my story before making your final purchase decision.

      I'm planning on building several mini PCs (limited production run, actually) in the near future, and Xenarc will be the monitor spec'd on every unit.

      Thanx Jimmy!!!
      Procrastination is the catalyst of true innovation; fueled by inspiration, desperation and the fear of humiliation.