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Help with Lilliput 7" Touch Screen

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  • Help with Lilliput 7" Touch Screen

    Hi all,

    I'm new to this hobby and have started to put together a system. I have bought a Lilliput 7" touch screen and am having problems with it. Video and sound in through the USB connection works with no problems, but I can't get the VGA input to work consistantly. Sometimes it will work until I swith the PC off and then I just get "No Signal". Sometimes it will give the "No Signal" and nothing I do changes that (No post displaying or anything). When it has worked I've booted into windows and manupulated the OS and suddenly it loses the signal.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I am toying with the idea of sending it back, but this costs money. So anything I can do before sending it back would be great.


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    you checked the din connector at the back of the lcd, I found it went in further than I first thought.
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      I have checked the continuity of the din to VGA cable and it's ok. The din cable on the LCD does not push all the way into the din to VGA cable, but I'm pretty sure it's locating properly. Any suggestions how I could check this connection? I would open up the LCD unit, but I'm afraid of voiding the warranty (pretty pointless warranty anyway!).



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        If it doesn't work... use the warranty and send it back!
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          yeah thats your choice really, either return it for a replacement, or void the warranty and risk it never work again.. tough decision. I would prob open it, but thats just me. lol
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            I found I bent a pin once plugging the dins together. Straightened it out and it worked fine again.

            Your not using a laptop are you, because you have to tell it to push the signal out the vga and not direct to the builtin lcd


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              Try plugging in different computer and see what happen. Sometimes is not the LCD, sometimes is the computer problem. I have this problem even with my Sony tft LCD plugging in my other computer, it was my stupid graphic card...