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    Has anyone used a desktop PC LCD monitor (like a 14 or 15") for their car? I've seen them as low as around $200 in stores..I would imagine that's only a matter of time before they drop some more, or there is a % off coupon, or etc...

    I've just casually looked at them in the stores, but I noticed that some run on 12v DC already (with a seperate p/s for the 120v).

    I realize that it's rather large for a car, but the cost might offset that concern. I have most of the rest of the workings for a car PC, but the display cost is holding me back. I actually probably have the workings of 2 PCs, which would work out since I drive 2 cars (personal and work) and like the idea of having a seperate display LCD that I could just swap from one car to the other with just power and VGA connections.

    The lower the cost, the better...
    2000 Durango - PC is in planning stages.